Vicar's Letter

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Revd. Angela Walker

Well it has certainly turned cold now, time to start preparing for the winter I guess. The Scouts have a motto ‘Be Prepared’ and so this week has seen me doing just that. I have ordered my heating oil, had my chimney’s swept and I have had to buy three new tyres this week, as one punctured on my way to visit someone in hospital and two needed replacing anyway. But, at least I have them in time for the winter weather. The next thing on my to-do list is preparation for a school visit, a baptism and other services and a sermon before I get down to all the Christmas preparations.

I don’t know if you are someone who leaves things to the last minute or whether you like to get things prepared well in advance. I would like to think that I am able to prepare ahead but if I am honest most things get done last minute. However, there are some things that are best prepared for well in advance, and the one that I am thinking about is our eternal salvation.

I have just had a long conversation with someone who has a fair deal of knowledge about Christianity and yet has not really considered that they may need to make a personal response. Many people believe that when they die they will automatically go to heaven without ever having made any preparation for that through Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of advertising lately by funeral companies trying to get you to pay your funeral costs now over a period of time rather than leave your loved ones with an enormous bill when you die. It is a good thing to do, if you are able to, but why is it that we can leave something as important as our eternal destiny to fate?

If we can prepare ahead for our own funeral, why can’t we prepare ahead for where we might spend eternity?

We are giving everyone the opportunity to find out more about how we can be prepared for eternity through the ALPHA course. This course sets out the truths and doctrine of the Christian faith in an easy to understand way. This year we are running ALPHA in the Leather Bottle, it will be a lovely informal way in which to explore the faith and ask all the questions that you have about Christianity. We will enjoy a meal together, watch a short video and then discuss the content. The course starts on the last Wednesday of October at 7pm and is free to join apart from paying for your meal so there is still time to sign up for it if you would like to, just give me a ring on 01474 814332

Don’t leave it until the last minute; it is far too important a matter to leave it to chance. ‘Be Prepared’ make yourself ready and come and join us as we get to know what Christianity is all about, and as we get to know Jesus together. You see Christianity isn’t just about what happens when we die. It is also about the here and now.

Knowing Jesus personally is what Christianity is all about and when you get to know him, you discover and experience a whole new way of living in the here and now. Jesus living in and with us prepares us for anything that life throws at us. Nothing else can do that, drink doesn’t do that it just momentarily numbs the pain; money doesn’t do that because you can’t take it with you and you cannot buy love. Drugs are not a permanent fix they can only destroy lives. So why not come along and find out what life with Jesus is all about. Come and be prepared for a great time together as we explore what Christianity is all about. I look forward to welcoming you.

Revd Angela Walker