Vicar's September Letter

Revd. Angela Walker

Dear friends, I hope that you are surviving this heat wave. I have just returned from my annual Christian Camping week with over twelve thousand Christians. After all the sunshine, would you believe that the moment we began putting up the tent it started to rain and gale winds broke one of the tent poles. We had two days of rain after that before the sun came out in full again. However, I have concluded that camping is easier in the cool and the rain than in the blazing heat when there is no shade.

This year the camp was brilliant again with good speakers and exciting and intimate worship. There is nothing better than worshipping with thousands of other Christians together all lifting high the name of Jesus. The presence of Jesus was tangible and many people were healed of chronic pain and diseases. Some were healed just as we worshipped others were healed as people prayed for them.

As is always the case many heard God speak to them, giving direction and encouragement and several people became Christians for the first time.

I came home encouraged and built up in my faith with a longing to see revival break out in our land.

The Network of churches that put on this camp is called New-Wine and the event is called ‘United’. If you are into camping you might like to join me next year when we will be gathering again, this time in Peterborough. You can just visit for the day if camping isn’t your thing or you could stay in a B&B.

Just to whet your appetite here is one of the testimonies of a lady who  attended this year and found God healing her of her pain. It isn’t just physical healing that we need but sometimes the inner pain and hurts that we encounter can seem the hardest to deal with. Please do get in touch if you would like prayer for anything and I will happily pray for you in strict confidence.

I came to United 18 with my husband and two youngest children. At the beginning of the week, God started poking at my ‘box of pain’. I told him ‘No, leave it alone.’ On the third day I went to the front and stood crying silently refusing to let God take the reigns. I went into a little world of my own and I could feel panic rising in my chest. Then the kindest woman came over and started praying over me.

I got down on one knee and in my mind I could see a box. Then in a flash the lid flew off. Out poured all this rubbish and pain from years back: pain from my childhood, the loss of my baby boy and hurt from my ex-husband. I was crying like I have never been able to before.

All that was left in the box was a bright, warm, shining light. Jesus came to me and kissed me on the head and placed a cape around my shoulders. I had a sense of freedom. It was like being reborn. After another long cry, I was hungry and after some food I started to feel better.

Later, I again stepped out, trusting God and letting him take the reigns. I kneeled, ready to accept whatever God wanted to do. A strong sense of peace fell over me. In my mind’s eye I could see clouds with a bright, shining light. Jesus came walking out of the clouds holding a little boy’s hand. The boy said ‘Mum’, words I’d waited to hear for so long.

It was my son Pierre. He came nearer with his arms outstretched. He grew into a man, then he held me and told me he loved me. For the first time in 18 years the pain left my arms. I then watched him walk back into the light, hand-in-hand with Jesus.

I now feel free for the first time in my life, not scared of what’s around the corner, not needing to control anything and no longer worrying about something bad happening to my other children. I’ll definitely be back at United 19 to spend a week with God and his people.

Victoria Beaupre and her family are part of Cloverfield Church in Thetford, Norfolk. Book your place at United 19 before 3 September and pay the Flash Sale rate. .org

Enjoy the rest of the summer and may God bless you abundantly.

Revd Angela Walker