Coronavirus Update

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Easter Story for Children

Maundy Thursday- John 13:1-17, 33-35

Wednesday of Holy Week - the text for today is John 13:21-32

Tuesday of Holy Week - sorry for the delay had trouble uploading this morning. found this passage a little more difficult this morning

Monday of Holy Week- You will need a Bible and notebook and pen. the reading is from John 12:1-11


Morning Prayer for Friday 3rd April 2020


Morning Prayer for Wednesday 1st April 2020



'Webster the Scaredy Spider' for all ourchildren and young at heart


Morning Prayer for 25th March 2020


Morning Prayer for 23rd March 2020


Due to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic all public church services have now been suspended. we understand that this will be a difficult season for us as a church community and we are looking at ways to keep our communication lines open.

if you are feeling lonely and isolated do pick up the phone and call someone. You can call me anytime just for a chat. if you need any supplies then do let me or another member of the church family know we would be happy to drop off some shopping for you. I would also love to know how you are so if you need prayer for anything then please get in touch.

Although we are unable to meet together at the moment, God is not restricted by this virus. please continue to pray and read your bibles every day and why not play some of your favourite hymns or worship music and spend a few moments each day in worship.

Revd Angela Walker



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