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We are always delighted when we are approached by a couple who want to get married in one of our churches. Both of them are highly sought after, since they are both very beautiful and photogenic churches, although quite different. St Mary Magdalene is a magnificent church, seating up to 250 people, whereas St Peter & St Paul, Luddesdowne is a little gem, seating half that number. please read The Marriage Measure as set out by the Church of England below.

The Marriage Measure
We understand that there are many couples who would like to marry in a church that has special significance for them, through family or other close connections. So from the 1st October 2008, the CofE has made it easier for couples to do just that.
From 1st October in order to marry in the parish church of a parish other than the one where you or your fiance/e are living, without the need for a Special Licence, you or your fiance/e will need to demonstrate just one of the following 'qualifying connections'.
• One of you was baptised in the parish concerned (If you were baptised and confirmed at the same time, the provisions on confirmation rather than baptism apply)
• One of you has been confirmed, and was prepared for confirmation in the parish
• One of you has at any time lived in the parish for at least 6 months
• One of you has at any time regularly attended publis worship in the parish for at least 6 months
• One of your or your fiance/e's parents has lived in the parish for at least 6 months at any time after you were born (or, in the case of your fiance/e's parents, at any time after your fiance/e was born)
• One of your or your fiance/e's parents has regularly attended public worship in the parish for at least 6 months at any time after you (or your finace/e) were born.
• A parent or grandparent of you or your fiance/e was married in the parish.

In all cases - i.e. worship, baptism, confirmation or marriage - this applies only to Church of England services.
Even if you cannot demonstrate any of the above connections, we want to help you explore whether it may still be possible for you to marry in your special church. Please click here to contact the Vicar for further information about weddings at Cobham & Luddesdowne or alternatively please phone the office on 01474 813495 during office hours which are Tuesday and Wednesday - 9am to midday on both days. Messages can also be left on this number and will be attended to as soon as possible.

For more general information on Weddings please click here to visit 'The Church of England' site were you will find useful questions and answers to help you prepare for your wedding day.

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