Cobham and Luddesdowne Kent

Wall Paintings

The remarkable decor is a rare, surviving example of high quality Victorian church art in surprisingly complete and near original condition, having overcome more than a century of the common hazards of fire, whitewash and aesthetic disapproval.

The work was carried out in the second half of the 19th century. According to the churchwardens' accounts, some work was begun after 1870, when '£830 for wall decorations' is recorded, and that on the West Wall, costing £63, was carried out in 1877.

The particularly fine paintings of 'Pentecost' and 'The Donation of the Keys', on the North wall of the chancel were donated by the Wigan family, in memory of the Rev Alfred Wigan and his son, Francis Lewis Wigan, who succeeded him as rector. They were completed in 1894.

Apart from a little restoration in the 1920s, and some professional work on the Baptistry in 1973, these murals are untouched. Complete restoration, by the Wallpaintings Workshop of Faversham, was begun in 1997 and has just been completed at the end of 2002.

As the Victorian Society have said ‘. ... an outstanding example of a small medieval, church, redecorated to the best Victorian taste.’

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