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Sunday 3rd April 202210:30Holy Communion at Cobham Church
Holy Communion at Cobham Church
Wednesday 6th April 202209:30Informal Morning Prayer
Informal Morning Prayer (This will be held in peoples homes during the cold season, please contact Pat on 01474 814343 for details)
Sunday 10th April 202210:30Sunday worship at Luddesdowne church
Thursday 14th April 202218:30Passover Supper
Passover Supper in the Meadow Room Meal followed by Holy Communion
Friday 15th April 202212:00Good Friday Service
Good Friday Service Includes a time for meditation and personal prayer
Sunday 17th April 202210:30Easter Communion at Cobham church
Easter Sunday Holy Communion at Cobham church
11:45Easter Communion at Luddesdowne Church
Easter Communion at Luddesdowne Church - please note change of time
Sunday 24th April 202210:30Sunday worship
Holy Communion at Cobham
Wednesday 27th April 202209:30Informal Morning Prayer
Sole Street Church Room
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