Cobham and Luddesdowne Kent

Lent Resources

Meopham with Nurstead and Cobham with Luddesdowne & Dode.

Resources for Lent 2024

Please read slowly and several times through the Gospel of Mark.
Engage Worship
This page takes you to resources for worship but also near the bottom,
of the page an opportunity to Worship in the Wilderness: Personal
Devotions. Five reflections one for each week leading up to Palm
Click on the title ‘Worship in the Wilderness: Personal Devotions’ which
takes you to a link to buy / download the book.
Church of England Resources
Watch &; Pray - Wait expectantly for God

This link leads to an opportunity to download an app for android or apple
devices. The app contains 40 reflections, one for each day of Lent.
Bible Society Resources

The Journey through the Bible in 3½ minutes series.
Comprising 3 free video resources
The Old Testament Journey in 3 ½ minutes
The Journey of Jesus in 3 ½ minutes
The Journey of the Early Church in 3 ½ minutes

Christian Aid Resources for Lent 2024
Count your Blessings 2024

Go to this page and click on the sub - heading ,
‘Download the resources’ for 40 ideas of things to do each day this

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